Summary on sacrament of confirmation that perpetuates the grace of Pentecost in the church

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From the time of the Apostles, fulfillment of Christ will be imparted in the newly baptized in order of the grace to be complete for does who are baptized must receive the sacrament of confirmation and it makes them become stronger in their faith and good Christians and soldiers of Christ.

However,this scarament are signs that cleans and strengings and makes does who share in this scarament also share in the mission of Jesus Christ and the presence of the fullness of the holy spirit so that may showcase Christ and with this they have been given Authority from God as beares of Christ (JH:6-27)even at the the end of time the spirit pourd upon them guides them as helper and gives them wisdom, understanding and courage the oil use for confirmation is the oil of chrism which the bishop lay his hand on the candidate this words are said “be sealed with the gift of the holy spirit”.

In Conclusion, from the time of the Apostles on to this day the scarament of confirmation have root us more in Christ and ties us with himself,builds our Christian community more stronger and gives us strength to defend the gospel and to be witness of Christ.

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