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The liturgy is a Eucharistic and a sacrifice to be celebrated by breaking bread and giving thanks on the law’s day by people who have confessed their sins. Only the baptize are admitted to it. Liturgy is the divine worship of the church and includes the celebration of mass, the celebration of the sacrament, and the divine office or daily prayer of the church. The celebration of the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith, and so all other liturgies flow from the celebration of mass. Liturgy is not just the words that are said, it is much much more than that. Through the liturgy will encounter God, and our united with our brothers and sisters across the world as the universal church. The word liturgy comes from the Greek word “leitourgia” Meaning a work on behalf of the people. It is Christ, therefore, who on our behalf is the primary priest of the mass, he is the one who baptizes, who confirms, who ordains, who anoints and who continues to pray disarms as he did on earth. Our public worship is through Christ, with Christ and in Christ.

Within the Catholic Church it is used to describe all the public acts of worship that stick place, as it draws the people into the work of God. Furthermore, liturgy is a public worship – the work of Christ and that of the church, the body of Christ. By virtue of our participation in christ’s work as members of the body, we also participate in the divine life of the Trinity, and eternal exchange of love between the father, son and Holy Spirit. This action – liturgical participation – is our right and duty by baptism according to the document (SC 14). Us with any sacrament comma the action or doing is all gods comma but as a good parent, he invites us to join in it, both as worship for which we are made and for the sanctification of the world. Liturgy is an action of the whole Christ according to (CCC 1136). (CHRISTUS TOTUS).

In conclusion, liturgy is centered on the Holy Trinity. At every liturgy the action of worship is directed to the father, from whom all blessings come, through the Son and the unity of the Holy Spirit. We praise the father who first called us to be his people by sending us his son as our Redeemer and giving us the Holy Spirit so that we can continue to gather, to remember what God has done for us, and to share in the blessings of salvation.

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