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As the day passes by, there was a friend no of mine whose name is Deborah. This girl in particular happens to be the first child of her parents among all her other siblings. She was the most intelligent of all. She was born into the family of four, three boys and one girl and she was the only daughter of her parents. She was born on the 20th of February 2001. She is a little bit average in height. She is from Anambra State but presently living in Ondo to be precise.

She is dark and complexion. At the age fr of 4 Deborah started her educational life. She started from the kindergarten stage, down to the nursery level, to the primary level then the secondary level. At the age of 6 she started her primary level. Then at 12 she started her secondary school level. At the age of 15 Deborah took her junior Waec examination which she did very well. Then at the age of 18 Deborah took her Waec examination which she also did very well in.

Deborah started the journey of her life at the age of 18. After her secondary school Deborah found it very hard to get a mini job. Although she kept pushing but it seems nothing was coming. Three years later after Deborah completed her secondary school she lost her dad in a ghastly motor accident which made her to fall sick for almost 3 months because she so much loves her dad. Within the reach of the two months, Deborah almost caused herself PSDT.

After the death of Deborah’s dad, Deborah was only left with her mother who was a petty trader. It was a very hard time for Deborah’s family household because her mom was not earning well at the labor market. At times, Deborah mum goes to market without selling anything which will make her come back empty handed. Deborah and her siblings found it very hard to eat three or even two square meals a day. Sometime Deborah and her won’t even eat at all that same day. Deborah had three friends who always stands beside her, they play, they crack jokes, they gist and they always stay together. But after the death of Deborah’s dad her three friends departed or even ran away from her because she was no longer giving them money and some things like that. Deborah started living in hard times. Six months after the death of Deborah’s dad, the landlord of where she lives gave them a quick notice in anticipation to the payment of their house rent. Because the house rent bill is mush they weren’t able to pay for the house rent. So they were asked to pack out from that place or residence. So Deborah told her mumsince they were not able to pay for the house rent is it not better we move down to the village.

So her mum thought of it and concurred to her suggestion so after sometimes Deborah’s mom started making plans to go back to Anambra State where their village resides in. So as time goes on Deborah and her family park out from their former residents back to the village. Over there in the village Deborah started a new life, first to know or study the surroundings or environments and to also make new friends. Even at that, life was still hard for her because nothing was going through. Therefore I kept pushing and trying the best she could but nothing was going through. Furthermore, Deborah’s mum then started her tomato’s business and try to support her family with the little she gained. But it was still hard for her. Deborah as well needed someone to share with not until I met her one afternoon her facial expression looked so bored which made me to approach her but at first she wasn’t opening up after various questions. I asked her but she remained dumbfounded, so after some time she came back to me and asked for my time for her to share about her life story to me. So I had to give out my time for her to share her life story for me.

Pastoral plan: To give a listening ear and share with her.

Observation: Deborah needed someone that she can trust, also confined in and also to talk to.


Deborah. Good morning brother,

ME. Good morning to you too.

Deborah. Brother I really want to speak to you.

Me. Okay dear, settle down let’s talk.

Deborah. Brother I’m really disturbed.

Me. Can you share that with me.

Deborah. Brother sometimes I feel like am useless in this world.

Me. Why do you think so.

Deborah. Because anything I put my hand in is not going.

Me. I kept mute and listened.

Deborah. Ever since my father died it has been very hard for my family and I.

Me. Still kept mute and I listened.

Deborah. And my mum keeps pushing but nothing is going through.

Me. Listening (being attentive).

Deborah. We find it very hard to eat which makes my mum to think.

Me. I felt for her (within my heart).

Deborah. This situation made my family and I to leave for village because we couldn’t pay for house rent where we lived before.

Me. What does your mum do for a living.

Deborah. She is a petty trader.

Me. So how does she earns her income.

Deborah. She just sells what she could sell and come home with any income she makes, sometimes she doesn’t sell at all.

Me. What does your mum sell.

Deborah. She sells stock fish.

Me. Ok (within my heart I felt her pain). So now what’s your next move in life; now what do you want to do in life.

Deborah. I want to learn tailoring but now I am just looking for a petty job to just base in for now just like to be a cashier for a person so at the end of the month I will be paid my monthly salary; so I can use it to support my mum and my family.

Me. I will see what to do “I will refer you to one of my friend that is looking for a worker; Sales Girl”.

Deborah. Thank you very much brother; you have put a smile on my face; am so grateful brother and I pray for the good Lord to continue to bless you.

Me. Amen. Never you feel that the world is against you. Always put your faith and trust in God. He is always there for you and always keep praying that he may see you through.

Deborah. Thank brother, I’m so happy.

Me. I promise to always pray for you and your entire family. Do have a nice day.


THEOLOGICAL CONCERNS. She appears to have lost her faith in God.

PSYCHOLOGICAL CONCERNS. She was open to share her hard time in life with me.

SOCIAL CONCERNS. She is seeing herself not being useful in the society.

THE PASTOR. I felt pity and sorry for her; I tried giving her my help full hand and also promised to pray for her.

PASTORAL OPPORTUNITIES. I was able to refer her to one of my friend who she will work with.

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS. You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself (GALATIANS 5:14)

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