How to make money from your contents on Facebook | How to get paid by monetizing content on Facebook | How to earn from content on Facebook

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Today, PinGist.Com.Ng will teach you how to get paid by monetizing content on Facebook. Our website still remains one of the best websites that gives you updates and tips on how to be successful at any particular given time.

As we all know today, the internet has gone so vast of all networking. Today many people make there living through social media; as the ultimate goal for some people to be successful in there business.

What do I mean by this

Facebook is one of the top social media platform in this recent age of media. The internet today has recorded 2.95 Billion Monthly Active Users On Facebook.

As you can see you will notice that Facebook as an organized company is waxing more strong and the users increase every second/minute of the day.

How to get paid by monetizing content on Facebook

What do you understand by the name Facebook

Facebook as a social media company is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect, share with your friends and family online especially people that are far away from you.

Facebook, is founded by 5 founders:

  1. Mark ZuckerbergCEO
  2. Eduardo Saverin
  3. Andrew McCollum
  4. Dustin Moskovitz
  5. Chris Hughes

But the most popularly known among them is Mark Zuckerberg because he is the CEO and created by him also. Facebook was founded in 2004.

How to earn from your content on Facebook | Monetize your content on Facebook

There are many rules or guidelines that governs Facebook Ads section. This section is popularly owned by Facebook alone. Follow this steps it might be of help to you.


  1. Create a Facebook Page
  2. Give it a Name
  3. Give it a description when creating the page
  4. Make sure that the page you created goes inline with the rules and guidelines on Facebook
  5. Post unique content
  6. Do not post contents against the rules and guidelines of Facebook
  7. Then after sometimes apply for Facebook Ads

In most cases, sometimes you get approved by luck. Sometimes if not approved it means that your contents are not inline with the rules and guidelines on Facebook. Sometimes also you will need an expert to help you on the Facebook Ads section

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