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Don Bosco first used the name”Salesian” one gotten from Saint Francis de sales his patron saint, to call his boys, the Young clerics aspiring to work with the young oratory boys. During this period He was assisted by father Victor Alasonatti who by his help was able to put the oratory into a great structure of activities.

Negotiations with father Rosmini in regard to opening a print shop at the oratory was in progress. Don Bosco was able to acquire portion of land from the archdiocese seminary for use. Abookbinding shop alongside a commercial bookshop in the year 1854 was opened, and this gave employment to some of the boys at the oratory. 

On August 15 1854, King Victor Emmanuel 2nd granted Don Bosco a subsidy of 250 lire, however Don Bosco problem of not being able to meet up with the moral and material needs of the boys, a helping hand ” father Victor Alasonatti” accepted Don Bosco invitation to assist him. 

Furthermore, one of the challenge Don Bosco faced was the cholera outbreak in Turin in which he always prayed and gave the boys instruction on avoiding it by putting on medals and avoiding sin.

Strikingly was when Don Bosco reviewed a dream about the death of one of the boys in the next¬†twenty two¬†moon,¬†he told his boys that it was all a dream,¬†as dreams are¬†just¬†dreams…in other¬†to water it down,¬†nonetheless,¬†He¬†told them one certain thing¬†“to be always prepared,¬†just as our divine saviour has¬†warned us¬†in the gospel and never commit sin”.

If we follow this rule,death will not frighten us.

Don bosco’s prophecy came true and before Christmas, Gurgo ,a great pianist died also Gavio who Dominic savio cared for.

Their death left a lasting impression on the mind of the boys as they lived their life in preparation of death. Father Berto was a witness to this event. 

Don Bosco promoted priestly vocation in Turin, “the fruits of the eminently priestly vocation that He impacted at the oratory are undeniable”.

If the archdiocese of Turin whose seminary was closed from 1848through 1864 and other dioceses, still had a sufficient number of priests, it is undoubtedly due to most part of the zeal and generosity of Don Bosco who was training them.

This volume encapsulates historic moments of the Oratories, event that celebrated Don Bosco special formation of his boys and clergy, Favours received, preparation for a new religious congregation in which he set out to meet the Pope in Rome.

There were also chapters on holiness(purity) in the Oratory, embodied in Don Bosco, in all of this, love of the church and care of poor souls steered Don Bosco on and closer to Christ.

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