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This volume proceeds with the narration of the wonderful events which astounded and gave pleasure to the many thousands who witnessed them. moreso, this volume presents to us in details the reactions of John Bosco towards the uncertainties that occurred during his time. Among the many include the craving for independence.

In the year 1847, there came a vigorous attack on the church bringing bishops to imprisonment, priests murdered, convents pillaged, churches burnt to the ground and infamous laws passed stripping the Catholic Church of it’s right and subjugating it to the state. 

Inspite of all these, John Bosco in his own little way was forming a vast number of boys who will live their faith. With this in mind he compiled a simple prayer book for the boys titled “GIOVANNI PROVEDUTO (THE YOUTH COMPANION)”.

Irrespective of all his efforts in other to meet up with the spiritual needs of his boys, he never neglected own spiritual wellbeing. Several times he motifies himself both internally and externally, his meals were frugal and his room very simple. Ever more effective was his efforts to urge his boys to keep the feasts to the Madonna, with a confident feeling that the blessed virgin Mary will help them. John Bosco kept searching endlessly, for the growth and expansion of the oratory.

Needful to say also is, the political unrest of that time did not hinder him from his providential undertakings and preaching the word of God. His zeal was undaunted and untiring to a point of heroism. Also, for John Bosco, religious festivals , playtime, games, vocal and instrumental music and schools were but means to accomplish one purpose: getting his boys to make good and  frequent confessions in other to be happy. He never gave any thought to his own inconveniences and sacrifices.

Zeal and prudence marked all John Bosco’s spiritual undertakings and running of the oratory. It was his practice to first ponder all aspects of new projects in prayer before God; only then, after lengthy reflections, would he gradually test the efficacy of the means he intended to use for the spiritual welfare of his boys. John Bosco’s intimacy gave him a strong spirit and strength in working for the welfare of his boys.

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