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Before the birth of don Bosco during the end of 18th and beginning of the 19th century their was war against the bishop of Rome which is the pope he was pressurised so that he could levead his rules and disseion and to submit to king will, this was the problem when John Bosco was born. in Italy they were going into tribulations because they ribelled against the papal see but don Bosco was the one who brought the love for the pope.

However, margert t ocehiena don Bosco mother was favoured by God she was born on April 1 ,1788 in the diocese of Asti into the family of Melchior ocehiena and Domenica Bossone she was also baptized on that day.capriglio was located at a hilltop six miles away from chieri four hundred people lived lived there her parents had the fear of God margert was the third child her five brothers and sisters her parent where Responsible and they also took care of Thier spiritual life.

Hence, Francis Bosco is from castelnuovo D’asti it is located at the northern part of Italy the Houses  are built on the hillslope the church is at the middle of the town castelnuovo D’asti the population of this place was about three hundred people.the village fancies is from is Becchi he was born on February 4,1784 he owned a farmhouse he was neither rich or poor he was of the middle class  he lived with his wife and his son Anthony and his elderly mother he was a man with good character  he was a good day why working in the filled his wife fell ill an eventually died on February 28, Joseph Bosco administer the last rite to her.he later died at the age of 74 on November 11 he was buried in the Church castle this Two death was a great loss to Francis Bosco and also in the community after this incident happened it was difficult for him because he was to work in the farm care for his mother and nine year old son after this experience he dicidede to remarry when he saw the good qualities of margert ocehiena.

Nevertheless, After the death of farancis Bosco fear gripped the family she was left to feed five persons with the famine which started in 1816.beggers begged pitifully for hand full of corn some people  were found dead  with grasess in their mouths in the field the trouble time caused disease and pedemics despite  this stutions mama margert continued to feed her family with divene Providence from God  the hunger got to a point she killed her last calf to ease her family hunger.she was a prayerful woman despite this trouble times her mother Domenica died on march 22,1818 at the age of sixth.when the conditions have improved  she received a proposal for marriage  but she turn it down because of family.she taught her children the basic of their religion such as not  to be sinful and to be of good behaviour.

Moreover, Grandmother Bosco was a devout woman she helped her daughter in-law in caring out some house chores if she was unable to finish it mama Margaret help her out in doing it she always keep her company especially at winter season she always told her children to respect and obey her. Grandmother Bosco taught the children to take responsibility for their actions when Thier are wrong she plays the motherly role if Mama Margaret was in the farm or went to the market her daughter in-law  occasionally buy fruits cookies or any item that can be  by her whenever she goes to market.

Moreso, in one occasion when John was five year old he and joesph went to lead Thier turkey out for pasture a man approach them and asked if they were going to sale it they were happy because they had the opportunity of playing store keeper and earning money he gave them five solid they were happy and told mama Margaret about when heard the price she was shocked she told them that the turkey cost about half lire. Immediately they ran after the man living the rest turkey behind mama Margaret parked the turkey and lock them in a cage without their notice after a long search of not finding anything they discovered their own turkey we’re also missing as well the one they left they were unhappy and went home in grif and anger when they saw mama Margaret she was smiling and they knew she knows something about the turkey then she told them she parked them back home and told them never to rpeat they mistake again.

However,when father calosso’s died it was when don Bosco had difficulties in studying at castelnuovo but with the help of mama Margaret brother Michael he was able to start classes in the school at Christmas time in 1830 John was already fifteen mama Margaret was ready to make the sacrifice in order for John to have a sound education . during the course of his studies he goes to school in the morning and come back in the evening no matter the weather conditions.he usually keep his lunch at John Roberto house some days he sleep over night in a village under a staircase where a kind family gave him permission to stay.during the Crouse of his studies he later made his dissection on the kind of priest he will become a priest for the young stars .

In Conclusion, Don Bosco entered the seminary at the age of twenty two with the help of divine providence he loved his superiors they were always good to him but with the formation at the seminary and formats he had motivations to become a priest for the boys also receiving of holy communion also strengthen his vocational journey.

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