Gown Hiring & Fees Guide for Graduands UNIABUJA Convocation 2024

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Gown Hiring & Fees Guide for Graduands University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) Convocation 2024 | University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) Graduands: Convocation Gown Hire, Fees, And Certificate Collection For The 2024 Ceremony | Graduands UNIABUJA Convocation 2024.

Gown Hiring & Fees Guide for UNIABUJA Graduands 2024

As the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) gears up for its Convocation in 2024, graduands eagerly anticipate celebrating this monumental milestone. Yet, amidst the excitement lies the practical aspect of convocation preparations: gown hiring and associated fees.


For those new to the process or simply in need of a refresher, obtaining a convocation gown is an essential element of the ceremonial tradition. Not only does it honor the educational rites of passage, but it also ensures uniformity and decorum during the event.

Understanding Gown Hiring

UNIABUJA facilitates a straightforward gown hiring system. Gowns, caps, and hoods reflective of one’s degree will be available for rent. Each item is carefully prepared to provide a dignified appearance for every graduand as they cross the stage.

Fees Breakdown

There is a requisite fee for gown rental, which is often a nominal portion of the overall graduation expenses. By paying this fee, students ensure that they are draped in the proper academic regalia, signifying their academic achievements and the university’s traditions. The detailed fee structure will soon be released by the university administration, and students are encouraged to keep abreast of the updates to plan accordingly.

Steps for Hiring

  1. Fill Out the Gown Rental Application: Graduands will need to complete a rental application, which will be available online or at the university’s convocation office.
  2. Submit the Fee: Payment details will be provided, and students can make payments using the method most convenient for them.
  3. Pick-up Schedule: Graduands will be assigned specific days and times for gown pick-up, based on their faculties, to avoid congestion and ensure a seamless experience.
  4. Post-event Returns: Remember to return the gown within the stipulated period to avoid any penalties or additional fees.

In Conclusion, Mark your calendars and get ready to embody the prestige of UNIABUJA’s academic heritage. For more detailed information on the gown hiring process and to stay updated with the latest convocation news, visit the UNIABUJA official website or reach out to the convocation committee. Congratulations to all UNIABUJA graduands on this remarkable achievement!

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