Announcement Of Successful Candidates For The DELSU Indigent Students Scholarship Programme For The 2023/2024 Academic Session [UPDATED]

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Announcement Of Successful Candidates For The DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY (DELSU) Indigent Students Scholarship Programme For The 2023/2024 Academic Session | DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY (DELSU) Indigent Students Scholarship Programme For The 2023/2024 Academic Session.

Announcement: DELSU Indigent Students Scholarship Winners for 2023/2024

We are thrilled to share the great news with our academic community: the list of successful candidates for the DELSU Indigent Students Scholarship Programme for the 2023/2024 academic session has been officially released!


This scholarship program is a beacon of hope for students who have shown exceptional academic prowess but are constrained by financial difficulties. It is an initiative that underscores our commitment to equal education opportunities and our belief in investing in the minds of our youth.

The candidates who have made it through the rigorous selection process have not only demonstrated academic excellence but have also shown resilience and a determination to succeed against all odds. Their stories are testimonies to what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance.

As we congratulate the successful candidates, we also want to encourage them to keep the flame of their ambitions burning. This scholarship is more than just financial aid; it is a vote of confidence in their potential, an investment in their future, and a support system designed to help them soar to greater heights.

For those who applied and were not selected, remember that this is not the end of the road. There are other opportunities and scholarships that you may qualify for in the future. Keep pushing forward, keep applying, and don’t lose heart.

For the winners, the next step is to follow through with the necessary administrative processes to claim your scholarship. Detailed instructions and further proceedings will be communicated to you soon. Keep an eye on official notices and emails from the scholarship office.

In Conclusion, stay inspired, and let education be the torch that guides you to a future filled with possibilities and achievements. Cheers to the next academic session, and may it be filled with learning, growth, and success for all at DELSU!

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