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Interesting to here that the CHIPS PUZZLE MASTER GAME APP 2023 is an online earning game App. It is also the most recent of all online earning Game App. It plays on an Android Phone and also on an IPhone (IOS). This Gaming App in question has made thousands of individuals rich today. And it pays only in dollars.


Lol, PinGist.Com.Ng is not here to scandalize you but to make things realistic for you and to show you that it does exists. So there is nothing to panic about my dear viewers.

Chips Puzzle 🧩 Master


  1. Simply Download the App on your Android or your Iphone
  2. After Downloading….
  3. Run Your Installation
  4. After Installation
  5. Open/Load the Chips Puzzle Master Game
  6. Then start playing
  7. Your first cash out will be $200


When you have reached the minimum of $200 or More. Kindly follow this steps below to cash out your money.

  1. Kindly click on the PayPal Logo by the left of the Game App
  2. Select the payment method you want
  3. Then input Phone Number or E-Mail Address
  4. Then you wait for the number of time in which your money will be sent.
  5. If your money is sent you will receive it directly to the account in which you selected as your preferred account.



It is advised to use PayPal as your preferred payment method. The minimum amount in which you will reach to withdraw in Chips Puzzle Master Game App is $200. Chips Puzzle Master Game App is open for you to play your games to any Game Level you may like to reach.

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  1. I haven’t received any payment for the level I completed.
    It’s been almost two months and no payment

  2. When will I be expecting to receive the payment. I don’t want to get my lawyer’s involved with this. I’ve waited to long enough and I’m really trying to work with you. Thank you

    • Keep following our website for more updates concerning this issue …. Our team can be of help you u sir

  3. Who is the developer for this app game? It’s so unfair that I waited this long and no payment. I’ve given my PayPal account and nothing

  4. How much longer do I have to keep waiting? I’ve been waiting for the past months . I believe that this false advertisement and I believe that there’s legal attorney that will represent us people in this kind of matter.
    Your making people think that for each level is completely finished that payment will be in their account and it’s not true.

  5. That should have been taken care of before mentioning about payment after each level. It’s false advertisement and especially knowing that you can be sued for this kind of action

  6. Who ever developed this app is a liar and no payout for this game. That’s why I took further action

  7. Let me just say this. I’ve completely finished each level and no payment. I’ve also noticed that the number is at 7 for longest time . So I’ve taken action with my attorney. I got prove to show. ITS FALSE STATEMENT AND ADVERTISEMENT . The developer is such a liar about winning money. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE

  8. I’m in California and even by telling you what’s gonna happen? I have given you my PayPal information

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