How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo 2024

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Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo
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How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo 2024 | How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo | Steps on How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo.

If you’re using the telecommunication services of Glo and have set up auto-renewal for your data plan or any other subscription, there might come a time when you need to cancel this feature. Whether you’re switching providers, changing your data plan, or simply want to take control of when you renew, it’s important to know how to cancel the auto-renewal. Here are the steps to quickly and easily turn off auto-renewal on Glo, ensuring that you’re not charged unexpectedly.

Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo

  1. Check Your Current Subscription: Before canceling, you should check which services are active on your account. This can be done by dialing a quick USSD code.
  2. Send the Cancelation Code: Usually, Glo provides a USSD code that can be dialed to cancel auto-renewals. The process is simple and immediate, without the need for customer service intervention.
  3. Receive Confirmation: Once the request has been processed, Glo will send you a confirmation message. Make sure to keep this as proof that your auto-renewal has been canceled.

Remember, you can always reactivate auto-renewal at any time by opting back in or setting it up anew for your preferred plans. By keeping in control of your subscriptions, you can manage your budget more effectively and avoid unnecessary charges on your Glo account.

In Conclusion, This method is straight-forward and user-friendly, allowing Glo customers to manage their subscription services with ease.

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