How To Become A Good Content Creator In Nigeria | How To Earn Well From Your Blog/Website

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Blogging in question is “Nice” but it determines patience to get to the top of where you want. Is not enough for you to own a blog/website. The question now is what type of content do you post/publish on your website.

Focusing on a particular Niche is one thing. The Question bloggers now ask themselves are “WHAT WILL I EVEN POST ON THIS BLOG OR WEB”.

To be a good blogger or a good content creator is not easy because one thing there that is rest assured is that “YOU MUST BE READY TO SPEND” in-order to earn well from your Blog/Website.

Furthermore, to be a good content creator you as an individual must be ready to attend an online class that concerns on “HOW TO BE A GOOD CONTENT CREATOR”. According to PinGist.Com.Ng Nigeria today has recorded 20,100 Bloggers in Nigeria today plus more still upcoming bloggers.

The internet 🛜 today is now going more vast and wide that bloggers still have a reason of creating more websites in-order to post more updates.


A lot of internet inclined users today now venture into this aspect of blogging with have a knowledge of blogging and how to become successful when it comes to blogging. Some of them in this process end up copying content from from different blogs.

One funny thing in Google is that no matter how you copy contents from people’s blog they will still know. And ones they find out the hereby place your Blog/Website on Google Black Hat there making your blog useless for you.

Blogging also entails more time and focus for it because it is not a Child’s Game. Blogging is also a game of survival of the fittest. As the day pass by, there are more competitors coming up with different ideas and clues of how to become successful in blogging.

Become A Good Blogger


Today, there are a lot of ways or tactics in which Bloggers use to earn from there Blog/Website. For them, that is why they struggle more hard to also be on the Top Page Of Google and also to rank well on Google.

  1. Google Adsence
  2. Purple Ads
  3. PropellerAds
  4. Adsterra Ads and so on.

There are other ways by which bloggers earn from there web

  • By Advertising people’s content on there website
  • By also promoting people’s content on there website and so on


For one to become success in blogging; follow this steps:

  1. Attend online class relating on how to post unique content on your web.
  2. Desist from posting copied contents.
  3. All ideas concerning posting must be coming from you.
  4. always focus on a particular Niche.
  5. Always try to work on your SEO of every post you make.
  6. Use good black links on your blog/website.
  7. Post attractive and unique good contents

Also note that the header title of your content also attracts visitors to your website/blog.

In Conclusion,

For you to become successful when it comes to blogging, you must be ready to spend.

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